Here are some of the more commonly used visas:

Employer Sponsored Visas
Skilled Visas
Business Innovation and Investment Visas
Training Visas
Partner Visas
Other Visas

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Skilled Visas

There are a number of visas available under the general skilled migration programme. Applications can be lodged by invitation only.

For these visas, you need to lodge an expression of interest on the Department of Home Affairs' Skillselect website. Depending on your personal attributes, you may receive an invitation from the Department of Immigration to apply for a visa. If invited to apply, you must lodge the visa application within 60 days of the date of invitation.

Before you can lodge an expression of interest, you must have your skills/qualifications assessed by an assessing body, for your nominated occupation. You must also have a certain level of English language ability. You must score at least 65 points on the points test. Points are awarded for age, English language ability, Australian and overseas work experience, Australian/overseas qualifications and other factors.

There are also skilled visa options for certain occupations, nominated by a State or Territory government.

If you are willing to live and work in a designated regional area, there are provisional visas, with a pathway to permanent residence, depending on your nominated occupation.

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